How to monetize you website – Part II (Affiliate Marketing)

moneyAffiliate marketing is probably on of the most popular ways to monetize your website after Adsense. This type of marketing works by paying you a percentage each time traffic from you site visits there site and makes a purchase. There are quite a few large affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Click Bank, Trade Doubler, which all offer a great service and a way of keeping track of which companies you are marketing and how they are performing.

One of the big advantages of this style of marketing is there is an almost endless amount affiliate programs for just about any niche you can think of. So choosing products to promote is never a problem. Experienced affiliate marketeers can make incredible amounts of money,especially for high value products, but this depends a lot on the niche you are in and what products you promote. With affiliate marketing, you have complete control over what and who you promote.

Another great plus, is that often the sites work on cookies, meaning that if someone clicks on a product, but doesn’t buy straight away, you can still get your commission.

Unfortunately, selling online is one of the hardest things to do and it can take time to firstly learn how to market the products and secondly to then convince people to actual purchase something. There are also some less than professionally run affiliate programs and I have dealt with a few companies who have never paid me or taken a long time to actually payout. Other services with require a minimum balance before paying out and it can take a long time to achieve this, in fact I have numerous accounts with just under the payout threshold and they have stayed like that for months.

Affiliate marketing is tough for the beginner and it can be frustrating when you make few or little sales. For those starting out Amazons affiliate program may be worth looking at.

Amazon is about as big as they get when it comes to affiliate marketing and you are dealing with a very reputable company. It is also a lot easier to sell products through them than other affiliate as people trust Amazon so matching someone to an Amazon product has a higher chance of achieving a sale. They also cover a massive range of niches, so you can use them to monetize hundreds of different sites. There are also loads of third party plugins to help you monetise with Amazon.

The only real negatives are the short cookie time of 1 day, the 60 day turn around to get paid and the relatively low commission of between 4% – 6%. Having said that, it’s a great option for many people, even if you are new to internet marketing.

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