Why use a VPN to encrypt your data.

lockThere are plenty of reasons why you might want to encrypt you web connection while browsing the net, for example you might want to hide content from network administrators or eavesdroppers, unlock content restricted in your country or remove restrictions on certain networks.

Here are some of the top reasons why you might consider using a VPN service.

1. You use public wifi.

Most people aren’t aware that most free wifi hotspots offer no security or encryption, making it easy for potential hackers to intercept your data and this can cause you a massive headache if you are sending confidential emails or browsing. A VPN can be an invaluable investment if you are a regular traveller.

2. Bypass censorship and content surveillance.

Schools, workplaces can sometimes restrict content, but this is also the same for countries and ISPs. For example, recently in the UK new laws have been put in place to filter content that people can view without opting in and this has been done at the service provider level. With claims that this was set in place for one reason it has become clear that this in fact is going to become a much more restrictive.

If you live in one of the many restrictive countries, a VPN can enable you to have access to the full world wide web without it being censored or monitored.

3. Search without fear of your searches being logged.

Do you want Google, Bing, etc. to keep a log of all you search activity? do they need to know it’s you that searched about divorce, illegal drugs, anti-depressants, etc.. All the search engines will catalogue every search you perform, and if you show you IP address or are logged in to gmail or your Google account, it is likely that there is some link. In fact you may even notice advertising appearing based on searches you made, which can be equally embarrassing if you share a computer. The other factor is that, it has been made clear that companies such as Google, have been forced by government agencies to share this information. So if you searches are private, keep them private with a VPN.

4. Internet Marketeers.

Having worked in internet marketing for a while and trying various methods to market my websites, I have found that using my own IP runs the risk of getting blocked, especially when using automated methods to register and post information. Also being able to pretend to be in a different country also offers the opportunity to see what adverts others may see as well as checking if country restricted affiliate adverts are actually working.

If you ever use software such as UBot Studio or use bots created by this software, you will not only find use of a VPN of great benefit, it is pretty much a necessity.

5. View content restricted to other countries.

I am sure we have all seen the message saying you can’t view this in you country and this is because of copyright agreements, meaning many streaming media providers can only show certain content, such as movies and shows, to users of certain geographical locations. For example, some content on Netflix, Hulu and even youtube, is restricted to just the USA, so if you are viewing the content in the UK, you IP address gives away you country and you are automatically blocked.

By using a VPN, you can change you computers or device’s IP address to be from the country you need it to be from, such as the USA, which will unlock the restricted streams and content. If you travel abroad a lot or wish to view other streamed content, then the cost and effort of using a VPN is invaluable.

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